We are focusing on standards, instructional shifts, and feedback. 
Should you have questions, please contact Ilea Faircloth at faircim@bay.k12.fl.us or call 850-767-4241

PLUS2 stands for Progressive Learning and Understanding through Support Systems. PLUS2 is designed to support systemic processes and provide feedback in order to increase student achievement at each school in Bay District Schools.  

During AdvancED Accreditation, four required actions were identified. Since then, our efforts have been recognized by AdvancED and our PLUS2 process has won accolades in the state of Florida. 

In addition, we want to know and be involved in each school’s improvement plan in an effort to provide them with the feedback and resources they need to be successful.

On September 21 Mr. Husfelt sent an email referencing the revised PLUS2 process for the 2016-2017 school year. Mr. Husfelt wrote:

"​Therefore, for YEAR THREE we have refined the PLUS2 process. The process will be differentiated based on the needs of each school. School grades will drive the frequency of support from the district. Additionally, we have narrowed our focus to the instructional shifts which are embedded in Look for 2: Instructional Framework for ELA/Math, Look for 3: Levels of Thinking in Tasks and Questions, and Look for 6: Ongoing Assessment. Administrators, coaches, and liaisons will continue to receive training on deep implementation of Florida Standards and the instructional shifts in order to support the work of all teachers."

Attached, please find a visual that depicts our new way of work . As you can see, PLUS2 has 3 distinct aspects: Professional Development, Learning Walks, and Data Analysis. It also shows our focus on the standards, instructional shifts, and expectation of providing feedback to teachers. 

The PLUS2 team will not convene at your school site as we have done the past two years. We are shifting our way of work so administrators provide feedback directly to teachers on the instructional shifts and implementation of best practice. Please see the attachment for additional information.

As we continue our training on the instructional shifts and data analysis we will provide support to you at the school level where necessary. If you would like us to come out- we are ALWAYS here to support you. Just let me know. :)

After the instructional shift trainings, we will review and provide feedback to principals on the instructional shift guide. Based on this information, we will have a better idea on which schools to visit for further support. Schools selected for visits will be determined at a later date. Again, please see the attachment.

We continue working closely with our DA and TOP schools- the DA and TOP support dates remain the same. Please refer to the attachment at the bottom. :)

It is our hope in the coming year to see an improvement in all of our school grades. I hope this clarification helps. Please contact me if you have further questions. We are here to support you!

PLUS2 was recognized by the Florida Department of Education's Bureau of School Improvement-