About Your Teacher

Mrs. Gwartney (Formerly Ms. Childers)

Sixth Grade

6th Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Arts: The Evergreen State College, WA 1996
Masters in Teaching: WSU - Vancouver, WA 2000


Mrs. Gwartney has taught her whole career in the Battle Ground School District, beginning first at Maple Grove Middle for eight years, and then moving to Tukes Valley Middle at its opening in 2008. Ms. Childers (as she was known then) mainly taught the subjects of Language Arts and Social Studies to 7th and 8th graders, with a few exceptions now and then, such as the year she taught one period of PE, a variety of Exploratory Classes from animation to Shakespeare, being Yearbook Advisor, and of course, Afterschool Activities from Cooking Club to Yoga. In the Fall of 2013, Mrs. Gwartney expanded her repertoire to include teaching of all major 6th grade subjects, and also becoming Mrs. Gwartney through marriage that December. This teacher loves learning and has an appreciation for the many things our world has to offer, including the big ones like travel or the little ones like the welcome home wag of her dogs' tails. 

My Message

There is a quote by Philosopher and Physician John Locke that goes like this: “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” I have this displayed in my classroom every year, and it is the main reason the words "Reading is not learning" are part of my web page URL. The act of reading is a key component of learning and is paramount to any healthy society, but it is the THINKING that we do AFTER we read that is most important of all.

 You will use the tool of reading in every moment of the day whether it be reading cereal boxes, traffic signs, science texts, or game directions; from this reading, you will make decisions - Is it good for me to eat? To stop or go? Is this scientifically possible? Can my friend really take my King with that move? Here is the true benefit of reading: putting information to work. This is why how well and what you read should be important to you on a daily basis. Keep your mind active and healthy, in the same way you care about your physical health through what you eat and how long you sleep.

Your reading abilities will help you be your best self in all areas of learning/communication (public speaking and writing), as well as all the subjects we will explore this year: Math, Science, and History, too. I can't wait! I hope you are excited, too.

Story Elements

Prefix+Root+Suffix: Words Are Power

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