ART: Grades 5th-8th

Boston University: M.A.A.Ed. (Masters Degree in Art in Art Education)
San Francisco State University: M.Ed. (Masters Degree in Education)
San Francisco State University: B.A. (Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies/Education)
De Anza College: A.A. (Associates Degree in Art: Liberal Studies/English)

Art Education Teaching Philosophy:

My role is to guide the learning process, by providing challenging projects, ongoing support and reflective feedback during the student's creative artistic experience. Discovering and applying concepts during the learning process students may continuously question their ability. Being able to ask, answer and reflect upon the process allows for conceptual knowledge. When the student is given the time, materials and the opportunity to discover their individual power to create, to apply their use of knowledge and produce creative results though out the learning process, then the guided and learning process can be considered successful.


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