Jim Thompson

Sixth Grade

360-885-6350, Ext. 3658

Language Arts and History

My Message

My first job as a teacher is to create a supportive, meaningful, and caring relationship with my students. If we trust each other, listen to each other, and help each other, learning can take place.

I also hold students to high standards of conduct, respect, and learning. It's less important to me where students are when they enter my class than where they are going. I strongly believe I can help students find their greatness.

Students in my class will begin to explore the wider world and their place in it. We'll do this through our reading, writing, and study of ancient history and its link to the present.

Lastly, I believe in clear and open communication with students and families. I will use technology to help make that happen. Ultimately, however, it's person-to-person connections and honesty that are most important. So, if at any time you have questions, concerns, or comments, please contact me.

And, yes, I really do wear a bow tie to school - but never on Fridays.

University of Georgia, bachelor's degree, political science

Washington State University Vancouver, Masters in Teaching


My wife, Missy, and I live in Vancouver with our son, Levi, our cat Blanca and former racing greyhound, Buff. Teaching is a second career for me. I spent about 15 years as a journalist, several years as a reporter and most recently as a copy editor at The Columbian. I graduated in 2005 from WSU Vancouver’s Masters in Teaching program. This is my eighth year of teaching; but my first at Chief Umtuch.