Trilce Townsend 

Battle Ground High School, 2017-18

Math Teacher

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I am available after school from 2:30 to 3:00 

I am also available in the morning from 7:30 to 8:00 am,

You may e-mail me any time to check if a student attended one of these study times.

How the Brain Learns  

Brain cells are called neurons. 

• You are born with at least 100 billion neurons. 

• Dendrites (fibers) grow out of the neurons when you listen to/write about/talk about/ practice something.

• Dendrites can grow only from a dendrite (fiber) that is already there – from something the learner already knows.

• Like twigs on a tree dendrites can grow only from a twig or branch that is already there.

• Then like twigs growing on a tree, learning is constructed, higher and higher. 

• As dendrites get higher and higher, what do you think happens?

• Neurons (brain cell) know how to grow dendrites, just like a stomach knows how to digest food. • Learning = Growth of dendrites. 

• New dendrites take time to grow; it takes a lot of practice for them to grow.

WHY LEARN MATH?...To Grow Your Brain!

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