is a student journal of popular and commercial music studies 
founded in 2013, and based at Bath Spa University's Music department. We publish original, high-quality student research papers in an annual e-journal format. Submissions are considered, and encouraged, from undergraduate and graduate students from both Bath Spa University and all other post-secondary institutions. We are a peer-reviewed journal, with all reviewing and editing undertaken by students. Copyright of all material published in PopThink remains with its authors.

The cultural landscape of popular and commercial music is vibrant, vast and interdisciplinary. The nature of this musical landscape, connected as it is with the world through many methods and media from mainstream radio to television adverts to film scores and beyond, is one that exists within culture in a distinctly contextualized way. The result is that, in its scholarly form, there are myriad areas to explore within popular and commercial music, from history to gender theory to new formal analyses to literary theory... many of which are recent or yet-uncharted territories within the larger school of traditional musicology. PopThink is a space for the discovery, discussion and dissemination of this new and exciting academic territory.


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