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  • The Course of good data… Did we get there? As mentioned in my previous blog, we made an early decision to incorporate a full review of the BSU student records system infrastructure and coding conventions within the XCRI-CAP project.    We began by looking at the statutory reporting requirements as we had already become aware of shortcomings in the current infrastructure that were causing concern to the team responsible for the HESA Student record, among others. The primary issue concerned what might be described as the organic evolution of the student records system becoming increasingly at odds with the rigidity and demanding growth of the statutory returns. Too many areas of the returns now require significant manual intervention as the current infrastructure has begun to creak under the pressure ...
    Posted 14 Mar 2013, 09:02 by Simon Boyce
  • Now you've a feed.... what else? One of the highlights of the Show and Tell meeting (for me!) was the session where various consumers of XCRI-Cap feeds were demonstrating or talking about what they had been up to. The following items were demo'd (accompanied by a few notes I made):Facebook appsource to be available through GITHUBGraduate Prospects W4 widget.A widget to carry out a course search on the feed and embed it on your website with IFRAMEUses JSONNot possible to identify CPD courses - a deficiency in the data which could be improvedConcept Search (Alan Paul)Search by concept using http://xxp.org/Code available on GITHUBCottage Labshttp://test.cottagelabs.com/xcri/Demo of a "Find ...
    Posted 15 Feb 2013, 03:28 by Christopher Stedham
  • Show and tell.... It's very interesting at the show and tell meeting in Birmingham - all the challenges we have faced are pretty much across all institutions.And a good news email just arrived from the development team about significant progress on the xcri feed - altogether a positive day!
    Posted 30 Jan 2013, 06:33 by e.williams@bathspa.ac.uk
  • Producing a Poster....... Well, who would have thought that producing a poster for the JISC Course Data 'show and tell' meeting next week would have had given me such a boost about just how far we have come with this project?Because the key focus of our project has been the review and re-implementation of our courses infrastructure, for much of the project it has felt like we have made progress only to have to revisit to include something else that had not been apparent at the beginning.  It has been good to see that we have actually got some significant outcomes, that we are close to achieving the XRCI feed but also, and of long lasting consequence to the University, that ...
    Posted 23 Jan 2013, 10:28 by e.williams@bathspa.ac.uk
  • Learning from KIS Well, we have now submitted the KIS, and the learning curve has been significant for the project team.  However, the positive outcomes for the XCRI-CAP project from the KIS project include:More impetus from the broader team to converge and re-evaluate our course data information processes and proceduresThe statutory nature of KIS providing additional 'authority' to the need to address our fundamental infrastructure in relation to the course information and our website linksThe developments within our student records system (SITS) to accommodate the KIS requirements providing the potential for this to be extended to include the driving infrastructure for the XCRI-CAP feedIt has been an uncomfortable couple of months for the XCRI-CAP project ...
    Posted 28 Aug 2012, 00:08 by e.williams@bathspa.ac.uk
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About this website

The purpose of this website is to explain the project aims and objectives and to disseminate information from the JISC-funded "JISC Course Data: Making the most of Course Information - Stage 2" project undertaken at Bath Spa University.

Project dates can be reviewed on the Timeline page, where you will be able to subscribe to the Google Calendar so that key dates appear alongside your own calendar.

The Project Documentation page keeps a record of all documents received into the Project, and those outputs/outcomes which we have to produce as part of the project's objectives.

Project Summary

The introduction of XCRI CAP and the enabling processes we will develop throughout this project will benefit both Bath Spa University (BSU) and the wider HE community. By offering a data feed which promotes all BSU courses, making them easier to find and compare across the sector, we will achieve this project’s primary objective which is to enable prospective students to make informed decisions about their HE pathway.

The recent explosion of data hungry applications and requests for course related data, both from external and internal sources, has meant that BSU is finding that its data structures are not consistently fit for all course data purposes.

BSU has been using SITS Student Record system for 18 years and it is the definitive record for all student and course related matters. Over time, the data requirements of the sector and prospective students have evolved. To accommodate the changing landscape the information stored by BSU within its Student Records System has grown organically. This project will enable us to identify deficiencies or inefficiencies in our current data structures and implement process and data structure changes that will put us in the best possible position for future developments.

BSU’s project team will implement processes and data flows to incorporate the identified improvements from Phase 1 of this project into the fabric of BSU’s course management. We will ensure that appropriate future-proof structures are used and the information is collected efficiently. It is envisaged that the work will be completed by the project team, with some consultancy with product suppliers for significant changes to system set-up.

The key stakeholders committed to this project are Student Services, Information Services, Marketing and BSU’s five Schools of Study, and their input will be critical to its success. Representatives from these areas are actively engaged with this project and will ensure BSU wide processes are fit for purpose.

At the core of this project is the re-engineering of business processes to ensure that the correct data is captured, quality control is carried out, and the data stored in an appropriate structure. The structure will be designed with several “customers” in mind, including internal consumers such as management information reports, and external consumers including an XCRI-CAP feed with a COOL URI for all UCAS and non-UCAS courses, and also requirements from the KIS and the HEAR.

Project Objectives

  • An XCRI-CAP data feed which will better inform prospective students and enable them to find and compare courses. Including traditionally hard to find courses. Validation of the resultant data feed against the proof of concept aggregator.
  • An appropriate course data structure which encapsulates requirements from BSU’s internal and external customers
  • Implementation of new processes for Course Data Management with Policies for quality control.
  • A period of activity to bring internal customers’ data feeds in-line with the new data structure. 
  • A comparison measure to identify progress made. We will chart this progress by updating the SAF regularly and identifying our progress throughout the life of the project.

Anticipated Outputs and Outcomes

  • Valid XCRI-CAP XML feed consumed by the provided validator using a COOL URI
  • Course structure policy producing a data structure suitable for consumption by XCRI-CAP, KIS, HEAR and internal management systems.
  • Processes and policies for maintaining and managing course data, including training materials and programmes, quality control policies
  • Project management reports
  • Knowledge enhancement through courses offered
  • Dissemination activity materials