Program Report - December 2014

  63% of Bath Junior High School Students increased their reading levels this term  

The Read to Succeed program has again shown its potential to improve the academic performance of our ASTEP students through daily, direct reading instruction and practice.  33% of the students improved their reading one grade level and 30% improved two grade levels this past term.  Click here to view the full report.



After a successful implementation of our reading program last year, we look forward to building on that founation.  By focusing on each student's instructional reading levels, utilizing small group instruction and providing daily explicit instruction, 80% of the students made improvement in their reading levels as demonstrated by end of the year assessments.

As part of our program last year, we were given an opportunity in the spring to trial Raz-Kids from Learning A-Z in our new computer centre.  The students loved reading on the computers and this experiment focused our interest in utilizing on-line programs to provide a core of systematic and progressive reading instruction for our students.

This year, we are proud to introduce the Headsprout reading instruction as a core component of our Read to Succeed program. This program provides both basic reading foundation skills and development for beginning readers and reading comprehension instruction.  This program is part of Learning A-Z and has been paid for by donations from supportive partners. The cost of the program is very reasonable at less than $J500 per student per year.  In addition to the 40 minute computer sessions, student also meet with their reading coach and team for an additional 40 minutes for small group instruction four days per week, Monday through Thursday  Please explore the information below to learn more about the Headsprout program.


Tools to Grow Successful Learners

Headsprout uses cutting-edge proprietary technology to deliver proven reading instruction to every child, at every reading level. With Headsprout, teachers and parents have the resources they need to instill critical early reading and comprehension skills for K-5 students. Here are some of the powerful features and capabilities the Headsprout reading program utilizes to help kids become capable and confident readers.

Adaptive Educational Sequencing

Automatically adapts instruction in context to meet every student exactly where they are in the program. 

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Differentiated Reading Instruction

Program instruction specifically matches to the individual learning needs of every student. 

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Automated Progress Reports

Informs future instruction and shows individual and class-wide progress through the program. 

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Continuous Instructional Sequence

Smart delivery method allows students to begin anywhere within the program. 

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Vocabulary Building Engine

Patented vocabulary instruction teaches students 4 vocabulary words in less than 5 minutes. 

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Smart Error Correction

Up to seven levels of error correction embedded within the sequence ensures student mastery before moving on. 
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Embedded Benchmark Assessments

Teacher-administered assessments confirm that students are able to transfer skills to real classroom settings. 
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Automated Motivational Routines

Built-in animated sequences keep students engaged and illustrate what was just read. 

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Intelligent Intervention Recommendations (Coming Soon)

Tiered intervention support sends recommendations when students require extra instruction. 

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Scaffolded Reading Instruction

Episodes continuously build upon core reading foundations to introduce new concepts and ideas. 

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Fluency Building Packs

Gives students additional opportunities to apply skills and build fluency on phonemes and connected text. 
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Early Reading Bookroom

90 printable eBooks served up to early readers immediately after completing an episode. 

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At-Home Access

Online instruction can be accessed anywhere, at anytime. 

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Cloud-Based Deployment

Easy implementation requires no software installation — users simply log in and begin instruction. 

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Monthly Product Updates

More resources added each month, including new eBooks and intervention resources. 

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Programme Description: 

    The Read to Succeed Programme was cconceived and implemented in 2013 at Bath Primary & Junior High School to provide direct reading instruction to small groups of ASTEP students for the purpose of improving their overall reading skill level and proficiency.  All students are grouped in small reading teams, according to their instructional reading level and provided direct reading instruction for one hour per day, four days per week.  During each session, the reading coach will focus on the development of several of the following developmental reading skills: sight word recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding skills, vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension.