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Using Raz-Kids

This page contains instructional videos for teachers that demonstrate the use of  

What is

How does a student log in to their Raz-Kids Account

How does a Teacher log in to their Raz-Kids Account to view student records

Student Experience - Listening to a Book

Student Experience - Reading a Book

Student Experience - Recording a Book

Student Experience - Taking a Quiz on a Book

Teacher Experience - Explore and preview books in the Raz-Kids collection by level

Teacher Experience - Learn more about using Raz-Kids effectively by accessing links on the teacher page

Teacher Experience - View Class Report

Teacher Experience - View Individual Student's Report and Monitor Progress

Teacher Experience - How to assign or move an individual student to a reading level for their reading activities

Teacher Experience - Assign a reading assessment to an individual student

Student Experience - Complete a reading assessment assigned by your teacher

Teacher Experience - Review and Mark a reading assessment completed by a student

Teacher Experience - View assessment results in the individual Student's records