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Internet Setup

The internet connections for the school are in the network cabinet on the wall in the computer center.

This internet connection was setup by Dekal and connects to the center in Port Antonio by microwave.  The dish is located on the back of the school and the cable for the dish enters the computer center and terminates inside the back of the network cabinet.  Our dish sends signals to the dish on the top of the cafe in town and on to the tower on the east end of town.  Airy Castle connects through the same tower, so if they have internet, Bath should have internet also.

Inside the back of the network cabinet there is a powered connection for the for the microwave dish.  The cable from the dish connects to the PPOE port on the Dekal router (see photo)

DO NOT UNPLUG THE CABLES PLUGGED INTO THE DECAL ROUTER.  DO NOT CHANGE THE PORTS THAT THE CABLES ARE PLUGGED INTO.     Our local network is set to use a gateway of which is provided by this router.  If the cables are plugged into a different device or their order changed as to the ports they are plugged into, the local network will not function.

There should be three cables plugged into this router.  There are two handmade cables..these connect to the network switches in the office.  The one blue manufactured cable connects to the network switches in the front of the cabinet and provide internet for the computer center and all the rest of the school.

The Decal router is provided network address services for the school network.  It is providing DHCP.  The gateway of the Dekal router is

Dekal has set up the DNS server addresses for our network on their server in Port Antonio.  This setup is necessary for using OpenDNS to filter the content and block porn.  See this page for details

There is also a LIME router in the cabinet.  This is an old DSL connection.  This is NOT the main internet connection for the school.  When Dekal installed the microwave system, they plugged the LIME into their router and said that they would load balance the connection on their servers in Port Antonio.

It looks like the Digicel technician thought that the LIME router was to be the internet connection and plugged all the network connections into that router.  This will not work. The local network will fail.  Even if there is internet, the network is NOT configured to use the LIME router.

The server and network are expecting to run on the subnet and all of the computers will be getting IP addresses on this network.  The DHCP server should be assigning addresses on this network.  There are some resources on the network that have static addresses on this network and will not work if the network is changed.