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Staff Training

Staff Technology Training & Computer Centre Overview

At the end of this training session,  you will be able to:

  • Access and use basic components of the school Domain including:
    • School Website
    • Attached Websites
    • Email and Apps - Drive, calendar, sites
    • Staff Intranet - Private resources for staff
    • Sites - Ability of teachers to create websites
  • Recognize and access the school Domain at http;//
  • Understand that the domain is provided by Google Apps for Education
  • Recognize the functions of the school website, including:
    • Local & Global Communications and outreach
    • School branding, image management and PR
    • Student Recognition and motivation
    • Professional Development & Program Documentation, for example Read to Succeed
    • Private (Internal) communications & data management
    • Platform for additional Services - For example Open Class
  • Explore the features of the School Webpage:
    • News
    • Calendar
    • Information Pages
    • Links to additional Sites
  • Understand opportunities available for Staff to Work on the School Website
    • Adding school news & photos
    • Maintaining the calendar
    • Creating web pages for your class or group
  • Access School Email, including:
    • Log into their Email accounts using your username and password
    • Know who to contact if you forget your username or password
    • Know the appropriate use of their school email
    • Know that their email login gives them access to other resources on the school domain
  • Locate and open Apps associated with your account
    • Google Drive
    • Calendar
    • Gmail
    • Sites
  • Access Resources available when logged in
    • Staff Website
    • Internal Documents
    • Records and data

  • Activity - Go to the School Staff Directory and check your information.  Edit your listing and add a contact phone or mark you phone as "not listed"

  • Activity - Using the Drive to store and share documents
    • Open an email
    • save an attachment to Drive
    • Share the document with another person
  • Activity - Take a survey sent by email
    • Open an email with a survey
    • Complete the survey and submit
    • Review the results
  • Explore the Links on the School Website
    • Exploring Websites for Teachers
    • Exploring Website for students
  • Exploring programs loaded on school computers
    • Living Books
    • Learning Activities
    • Videos
    • Books
Homework:  Think about how you would like to use the computer center and/or internet with your students. Send and email of a list of five topics or activities related to your curriculum that you would like your class to learn or explore using the computer center and/or internet.  Send this email to Mr. Granger.

Extra Credit - If you would like to help with the school website in posting news or photos, please send an email to Mr. Granger to arrange for training.