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We are almost at the end of our second term in the school year 2017-2018. Much has been achieved so far.

School re-opens for term 2/Easter Term , on January 8,2017.
Term 1 was very busy but fruitful
Major Activities in term 1 included the following:
Selection of Student leaders,Safety and Security Committee formed and meeting held,Better records Management,Conflict resolution Presentation done,Parents awards function held,Christmas Pageant, Fun Day among other things

Bath primary and Junior High now has a new Guidance Counselor. We welcome her and hope she will enjoy her stay  at our school.
Our neighbouring Police Officers participated in our Cooperate Devotions today 12/09/16

Welcome to all members of staff for the start of our school year 2016-2017.We are looking forward to a very successful school year.

Literacy  and Numeracy Camp
There will be a Literacy and Numeracy Camp at our school on March 29,30,and 31,2016

Mathematics Week
Our school celebrates Mathematics week, March 7-11,2016.
The week's activities include:
Mathematics Devotions -Monday, March 7,2016 and Friday, March 11,2016
Math  Day - March 08,2016
 Highlight Top mathematics students

National College For Educational Leadership(NCEL)
Our school is participating in the NCEL training


  •  Our school received two awards at QEC #15 Stakeholders Supervisory meeting on February 18,2016. These awards were for exceeding our targets  in the Grade four Numeracy  and Literacy External Examinations.Our targets were  49% in the Numeracy and 86% in Literacy. We achieved 62% and 97% in Numeracy and Literacy respectively


  • The National Education Inspectorate visited our school for two days in September 2015. 

  • Literacy Performance
  • Our school gained 97 percent mastery in the 2015 Literacy Examinations and 62 percent in the numeracy

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Zeka Alert Selfie and Jingle Competition
We received a certificate.

UWI Math Olympiad Competition
Sixteen students from Bath Primary and Junior High will advanced to the first round of the UWI Math Olympiad competition on Monday 11/4/16.

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Today is Our Literacy Fair at our School. Each Department is assigned an area of focus.There are four departments,viz a viz
Grades one and two,Grades three and four, Grades five and six and ASTEP.Example,Grades one and two will focus on vocabulary.


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Our Read Across Day was very good.Special thanks to all the persons who made it a huge success.Thanks to Mrs. McKoy our Information Technology teacher who took some pictures  of the events.

4-H News

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Our school garden has done extremely well this school year. Our school came first in the parish,first in the region and first nationally.Thanks to Mrs.Beverley Edwards and the students who made this possible.

Our school participated in the 2015 4-H Achievement Day. We gained three gold medals for speech,Drama and Agro-processing.Two silver medals for cubbies table setting and project display.
One bronze medal for table setting in the 9-10 age group

School Library News

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Our school library is up and running again. Thanks to our HEART trainee Miss J. Hamilton.

Sports News Update

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On Tuesday, March 24,2015 our students participated in the annual Cross Country race. Devonte Campbell from Red House came first.

On Tuesday,March 31, 2015 members of the four Houses(Red,Blue,Green and Yellow) will participate in our Annual Sports Day at school. This promises to be a very exciting Day.Members of the community are looking forward to sports Day.

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Our Peace Corps Volunteer -Mr John Granger

Mr.Granger spent a year and seven months with us at Bath Primary and Junior High. He will be returning to USA where he is from and we truly miss him. He has assisted us greatly and we do appreciate all is efforts. Thank you Mr. Granger

Student Work Published in The Gleaner's "Children's Own"

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Student Writing Published in "Dear Aunt Suzie" in the Gleaner

Lost in the Woods by Tyrick Roberts
One sunny morning, Roy and I went into the woods to have fun.  We packed our bags with hot dogs, sugar cane, fired fish, apples, melon, ripe bananas, oranges and grapes and set out on our journey. when we reached the woods we saw a lot of beg trees.  We were still walking when we heard a funny sound.  We looked around and saw a wild hog coming in our direction.  We started to run and after a while we realised that we were lost.  We cried out for help and luckily for us, a man was passing by and heard us.  He helped us to find our way out of the woods.  We thanked the man and then went home.

Myself as a Honda by Chadine Taylor
I am a Blue Honda Stream and I am 20 years old.  I was made in the United States of America.  I was shipped to a car mart on Half-Way Tree Road in Kingston.   One day, a young man named Kemoy came into the car mart to buy a car and liked me.  He bought me for $500,000.  He drove me to work every day until one day he crashed me into a wall.  And that was the end of me.

My Teacher  by Ava-Gayle Pryce
My teacher's name is Miss Lorna Edwards.  Every morning she comes to school early.  She is a good teacher and teaches us well.  I love her because she is very kind and she eats her lunch with us every day in the classroom.  She keeps her classroom very clean and tidy and does not want to see any garbage on the floor.  My teacher is beautiful and wears nice clothes to school.

Fire!  by Zemora Coombs
It was a Friday when I came home from school.  As I reached the gate, I saw smoke coming from the house.  I ran inside and saw my mohter lying on the floor with fire on her.  I filled a pan with water and threw it on her.  She did not open her eyes when I called her, so I called for help.  Our neighbour, Mr Sam, came  to help me.  He lifted her up and put her in the back of his car.  I also sat in the back and Mr Sam pull my mother's head in my lap.  He drove very fast to the Princess Margaret Hospital.  When we reached the hospital, the doctors looked after my mother. They said she would be in the hospital for a while because she was badly burnt.  I cried because I missed my mother so much.  Mr Sam took me home and I stayed with my aunt.

What an Adventure! by Faith Spencer
One hot day, I went into the woods to look for my pig.  I crossed a river and saw a big apple tree with some nice, juicy apples on it.  I decided to climb the apple tree, but I looked around and saw a big bull.  It seemed as if it was coming towards me, so I started to run.  I ran and ran until I got lost in the woods.  A farmer found me and took me home.

Computers + Reading = Fun

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Students Improve Reading using
Students in Grades 2 through 5 have been using the new Computer Centre to improve their reading fluency and comprehension using the online program at  With this program, students can access a variety of ebooks spanning 27 different levels.  They can listen to books read in fluent standard English as they follow along with the online book. They can read the books independently and record themselves reading.  After, they can listen and check their own reading fluency and accuracy. Their teachers can also monitor their student's reading, assess student's individual reading skills and advance the student's level as they progress.

Gender Day

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Bath Primary and Junior High Gender Day was on Thursday January 29, 2015.

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