The Bates College Investment Club (BCIC) is a private investment fund that currently maintains +$125,000 in assets under management, as one of the largest student-run funds in the United States. The Club is supported by the Investment Committee of the Bates College Board of Trustees and advised by the Treasurer of Bates College. Founded with an alumni donation of $100,000, the then-student run club was asked to invest money under the college's board of trustees. Years of successful investing and impressive returns have seen the original fund grow to +$125,000 with returns going directly to fund parts of undergraduate financial aid. 

Apart from investment management the club dedicates a lot of resources to institutional research, analysis, and planning. The club has conducted studies on financial aid, the Bates endowment, tuition payments, graduate outcomes, admissions statistics, and other matters important to the college's functioning. Our findings are frequently featured and quoted in the school's student newspaper, The Bates Student, and other media outlets. Select reports, data, and articles can be accessed in the institutional research tab.

Based in Lewiston, Maine, our members learn about asset management, markets, stocks and bonds, as well as financial modeling and investment research. Weekly meetings are held to teach investment analysis, learn about financial markets, and vote on specific investment proposals. Our investment research is done through a combination of proprietary programs and premier analysis tools. You can find a full investment club directory and updated club contacts through this link. The club is open to Bates staff, faculty, students, alumni, and administrators. Please note, as a student-faculty run investment fund, the BCIC portfolios are closed to new capital and do not actively solicit or market to prospective investors.