Food / Restaurants

Bataan boasts of its vast array of culinary masterpieces carefully handed over generations of a rich kitchen heritage. 

     Savor exotic yet delectable dishes like “Adobong Pabuka”(Sautéed freshwater eel in garlic soy sauce), “Relyenong Palaka” (Boneless stuffed frogs) and “Ginataang suso at pako” (Sautéed snails and fern sprouts with coconut milk). Bataan being a peninisula, every town has access to fresh seafood of every kind. Balanga, the sixth town, prides of its long line of seafood specialties, both fresh and smoked- from “bangus” (milkfish) to “kitang” (Spadefish), to the tasty “Samaral” (Rabbitfish) and “kapak” (Greenback gray mullet). Let your stomach crumble to Bataan’s food fair!
RESTAURANTS   Address   Phone
  Proprietor / Manager
  * Abucay Cafe & Garden Restaurant   Abucay   0920-9068945/ (047)4612414   Mr. Lino Obana
  * Aling Edios Pansit   Balanga City   (047) 237-0096   Ms. Edios Ongoco
  * Aling Estrella's Eatery   Balanga City   (047) 237-4935   Ms. Estrella de Mesa
  * Andrei's Restaurant   Balanga City   (047) 791-1059   Mr. Jay Paras
  Andro's Restaurant   Hermosa   (047) 791-6013  
  Aranice Barbequehan   Balanga City   (047) 791-2845   Ms. Nanette Rivera
  Aurora's Restaurant   Balanga City  
  Ms. Felicidad Curameng
  Bistro Timotea   Balanga City       Mr. Norman Gonzales
  * Bistro Timotea   Mariveles   (047) 935-5670   Mr. Art Maximo/Mr. Joey Borromeo
  * Chowking   Balanga City   (047) 237-5591   Ms. Josefina Paguia
  Damana Restaurant   Orani   09178461954/ 09164875978   Mr. Jhun Santos
  * Dayrit's Kitchen   Balanga City   (047) 237-3604   Mr. Alexander Dayrit
  * Denbell's   Balanga City   (047) 237-5183   Ms. Marilou Angeles
  * Greenwich   Balanga City   (047) 237-7575   Mr. Mark Pinili
  Ihaw-ihaw sa Tagle's   Balanga City   (047) 791-2688   Ms. Inday Enriquez
  * Jam's Burger Plus, Inc.   Balanga City   (047) 935-6110   Ms. Karen Tacorda
  Java Jam   Balanga City  
  Mr. Jun Razon
  * Jollibee   Balanga City   (047) 237-5122/ (047) 237-3295   Mr. Jude Jaraba
  Joyous Restaurant   Balanga City   (047) 791-3313/ (047) 237-2849   Ms. Joy David
  * J2 Fastfood Nook   Balanga City   (047) 237-3130   Mr. Wally Nepomuceno
  * Kainan sa Barangay   Hermosa   (047) 491-1767   Ms. Magdalena Ponce
  * Kitchen Delight   Balanga City   (047) 791-4029   Ms. Del Suarez
  Kring Kring Restaurant   Dinalupihan       Mr. Jose Baluyot
  * Louis Restaurant   Balanga City   (047) 237-3517   Dr. Luisa Atienza
  Master Chef   Balanga City   (047) 791-4763   Mr. Gary Nuestro
  * Max's Restaurant   Balanga City   (047) 237-7777   Ms. Jonah Robles
  * Mc Donalds   Balanga City   (047) 237-7757   Mr. Paul Chico
  * Michell's   Balanga City   (047) 237-0120/ (047) 237-5738   Ms. Grace Robles
  * Nico's Terrace Grill   Balanga City   (047) 237-2388   Dr. Grace del Rosario
  Razon's   Balanga City   (047) 791-1080/ 09197441785   Gerry T. Palad
  Red Ribbon Bakeshop   Balanga City   09178608841   Gerry T. Palad
  * Richtown Kapeeh   Samal   (047) 431-3748   Mr. Nilo Nocum
  * Romalaine Seafood Restaurant and Leisure Park   Mariveles   0919-5159539   Ms. Lenie Lazo
  * Seashore Restaurant   Mariveles   (047) 9354508   Mr. Jhune Lopez
  * Wanam Restaurant   Balanga City   (047) 237-3056   Ms. Josephine Maturino



Legend *  -  BHROA Member

BHROA – The Bataan Hotel and Restaurant Owners’ Association is an organization of leading hotel and restaurant owners in Bataan. It was reorganized by the provincial Tourism Office and other restaurants and hotel owners were invited to join the said group. Its mission is to be a catalyst in the changing needs of our society and the community by upgrading skills and solidarity among member establishments.

  • Sinigang - cooking with water and adding a sour agent from fruit or vegetable. May be meat, fish or fowl.
  • Inasnan - food preserved with salt. May be broiled. Meat, fish or vegetables.
  • Pinaksiw - cooking fish with vinegar, just a little water and spices. May be with or without vegetables.
  • Nilaga - boiling fish, fowl or meat with more water.
  • Pangat - cooking fish with a little water with or without a souring agent.
  • Halabos - cooking with salt and almost no water. Cooks from the juice of the shellfish or crustacean.
  • Pinais - food wrapped in leaves (banana or alagao), and steamed.
  • Pesa - boiling sauteed fish with ginger, vegetables and patis.
  • Sinuam - boiling sauteed fish or shellfish in ginger and pepper leaves.
  • Pasingao - steaming fish, meat, fowl or shellfish.
  • Inihaw - broiled over live charcoal. May be meat, fish or root crops.
  • Dinaing (broiled or fired) - fish cut at the back and opened like a butterfly.
  • Tinapa - blanching fish and soaking it until golden brown.
  • Pinausukan - smoking fish, meat and fowl just before eating.
  • Binuro - Salting. Such as talangka (small crabs), alimasag (crabs), bangus (milkfish), hito (catfish), dalag (mudfish), eggs or vegetables.
  • Kinilaw - food marinated in vinegar and spices (saviche or raw).
  • Ginisa - basic use of lard, garlic and onions for almost everything meat, fish, fowl or vegetable.
  • Ginataan - cooking fish, crustaceans, vegetables, root crops in coconut milk.
  • Inadobo - cooking with vinegar and spices. May be meat, fish or vegetables.