Mt. Natib

Tala, Orani

Mt.Natib is the highest summit in the entire Natib Caldera System in the Bataan Natural Park, a dormant volcano with an elevation of 1,253 meters above sea level (masl). It lies between the larger Old Caldera and the smaller Pasukulan Caldera and represents the latest of the volcanic edifice to develop in the area. The slope is characterized by very steep forested slope. Mossy forest characterized by small-stunted trees occurs approaching the peak. The peak is covered by a small patch of grassland. Also found are boulders with inscribed names of American expeditionary forces that climbed the peak way back the 1930s.

Mountain climbers and nature lovers will find the mountain exciting and interesting since the forest is home to many floral and faunal species. Migratory birds are also seen in the area. A trail shelter is available for overnight trekkers to pitch their tents and enjoy a breathtaking sunrise. However local guides should escort visitors.


Binutas Trail is the route most frequently taken by trekkers/hikers climbing mount Natib because of its proximity to the summit. Binutas trail provides hikers an exhilarating view of the clear water of Binanga bay in Morong, Bataan and a cool refreshing breath of mountain air. Halfway of the main trail leading to mount Natib is a foot trail on the left, about 2 hours trek that will bring you to Pasukulan falls, another favorite eco-tourism destination in Bataan Natural Park. At the foot of Mount Natib is flat area also known as Site B, an abandoned geothermal drilling site of PNOC in the 1980’s.


Mt. Natib Peak, offers a viewing pleasures on all directions. On a cloud-free days, a commanding view of the entire Bataan Natural Park, part of the province’s eastern and western coast, the bustling Subic Bay Freeport Zone on the northwest and a view of the entire northerly slope of Mariveles Caldera System. Its cool temperatures are relaxing both to the mind and soul of visitors.

How to get there

The Bataan Natural Park where Mt.Natib is located is approximately 124kms. From Manila. To reach Mt.Natib, from the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) exit at the San Fernando toll way and take the Gapan-Olongapo road. Upon reaching Layac junction, take the Roman Superhighway, about 10 minutes travel to Tala-Orani intersection then turn right, about 30 minutes travel going to Brgy. Tala where the PASu-DENR monitoring station is located and the jump off point. From the monitoring station to Mt.Natib peak is approximately 3 hours trek.

Entrance Fee

The Protected Area Management Board is currently finalizing a resolution on entrance fee for Mt.Natib Peak Tour. Implementation of entrance fee is expected to take effect this 4th quarter of 2005.

For more information, please contact the following:

PENR Office, Tel. No. (047)237-3550
PASu-BNP, Cellphone No.09275237236