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Moldova is the largest viticulture and winemaking region in Europe. Due to its moderate-continental climate and diversity of soil, the country cultivates numerous varieties of grapes. Even the most captious person will surely find a wine to his liking here.

The harmonious taste and fine aroma of true Moldovan wines deserve the highest praise and its healing power makes it a drink of vivacity and vital power, which strengthens the immunity, restores blood chemical balance and deduces slag, radionuclids and salts of heavy metals from your organism. And if you wish to receive everything this noble drink may give to a person, you should observe the only rule: do not search for pearls in the road dust.

You have certainly heard about the famous wine cellars of France or Yugoslavia, but we assure you that it would be very difficult to find a deposit similar to the cellar of 'Basvinex' with its sunny vine gifts. Due to hygroscopic qualities of the natural material - shell rock, the cellar maintains a unique microclimate.



Wine materials are accepted in the open air. They flow through the wine conduit (made from glass and stainless steel) and enter into the blending reservoir. After being blended wine materials are sealed and left in the enameled reservoirs. Due to natural ventilation and venting shafts the air in the premises is always clean.

The favorable conditions for aging, high level of industrial hygiene and observance of technology enable to make high-quality wines which are in great demand of consumers.



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