About Our Ministry

Prophet Norm Spencer, Prophet

Norm Spencer was radically changed upon receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1975. This experience so greatly impacted his life
that it propelled him into a life-long quest for Holy Spirit, His person and His power. The commandments of 1 Cor. 12, 13 and 14,
instructing believers to operate and walk in the fullness of the Spirit, were key in his earlier spiritual development. He has served
as senior pastor to several congregations since 1983, and as prophet to the Body of Christ since 1997. In 2006, the Lord transitioned Norm
from pastoring into the full-time itinerant ministry. He now operates as a prophet and revivalist.

The present move of God has produced in Norm a fervent desire to see the Kingdom established "on earth as it is in heaven."
The pattern of heaven is the model for our life and ministry here on earth. Jesus lived this principle by only doing what He saw
His Father doing. Cultivating Holy Spirit's presence and following His lead will enable us to do the greater works Jesus spoke of.
The outpouring of the Lord’s grace and power must once again become the accompanying demonstrations of the gospel of the kingdom!

As Prophet Bill Hamon so aptly said several years ago, it is the season for the All Saints Movement with every member of the Body of Christ
taught, equipped and activated in their membership ministry doing the supernatural works of God!

Margi Spencer, Psalmist/Teacher

Margi Spencer is a multi-faceted person. The Lord has given her a heart for the broken, the desperate and those without hope in life.
Her passion is to see every person come into the Kingdom, fulfilling his or her destiny in Christ in wholeness, freedom and integrity.
She has a call to teach and is an integral part of the Basileia mission. She co-leads the ministry teams in the US and abroad and
participates in most overseas trips, healing revivals and prophetic schools.

As a psalmist with a strong prophetic anointing, she moves the people into greater spiritual worship and ushers them
into the presence of God with ease and skill. She has also authored several songs and hymns. Margi is fully bilingual in English
and Spanish, and is an excellent translator. Besides teaching, Margi is responsible for all publishing; promotion; administration;
and co-authoring and translating the ministry books, manuals and resources.

The Spencer Team

The Spencers have been greatly impacted by the Bethel Church culture and the teachings of Bill Johnson, author of the books When Heaven Invades Earth and The Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind and Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California. In 2005, they were trained in the Bethel healing model by Kevin Dedmon, author of The Ultimate Treasure Hunt and Unlocking Heaven when he visited their church in Miami. They have embraced the supernatural as a viable lifestyle and manifest the kingdom everywhere they travel, impacting others to do the same. Healings and miracles happen with regularity: from cancers to HIV; from deformed hips to recreated arches in feet; blind eyes and deaf ears opened; the disabled coming out of wheelchairs while others give up their walkers and canes. As Bill Johnson so aptly stated, a gospel without power is not the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Besides flowing in revival ministry, the Spencers are able and successful teachers, trainers, equippers, and activators in the Body of Christ. After seven years of ministry in Ecuador, they have realized their dream of establishing an apostolic/prophetic training center in Quito, the capital. The Apostolic Center for Biblical Studies is a two-year course combining sound biblical teaching with activation in the Holy Spirit and the supernatural lifestyle.

The Spencers conduct Healing Workshops; training for Power Evangelism & Treasure Hunts; Schools of Supernatural Ministry; and Schools of the Prophetic both in the US and abroad, in English and in Spanish. They are the co-authors of four teaching manuals in their Acquiring The Supernatural Lifestyle teaching series: The School of the Prophetic Level 1; The School of the Prophetic Level 2; Divine Healing, and Keys To Prosperity; as well as a book on the Baptism of Holy Spirit. They have coauthored two books, The Baptism of Holy Spirit and Angels: God’s Supernatural Agents. They are concurrently penning a manual on the Gift of Tongues, a manual on The Kingdom of God and their first full length book on the supernatural lifestyle.