Manager Roster

 2012 Draft Pick  Manager  Team Name Email Twitter
20 Jacob Underhanded-Some j_m_jeffries at
15 Alan CincyKids cincykid8000 at
1 FootilityInfielder Infield Flies  holenohe at
3 DD DoubleDose  temmp55 at
17 Jared Brewe Suit Up!  jaredbrewe at 
2 Will Eusebio Puncher's Chance

will.eusebio at  @yusebio
13 Zach G  The European Swords zjiff30 at @ZJiff30
19 Matt Rockin' Rockers  devilfingers72 at @devil_fingers
9 Travis Hometown Hackers
buff_travis at  @thebuffman
7 bengalsfan30 The Flying Pigs  williamhatter at
12 Madville The Sabremorticians  m.willis80 at
10 Michael Pills R Kickin In reedreederson at 
6 Bernard ClearEyes FullHearts bernard.w.ozarowski at
5 Dave* Dave's BMF's  davefrmlville at @DavefrmLville
8 LeeTro Low Leverage LOOGYs  leetro1525 at  
4 Zach S Zach Sanders  zach.sanders at @zvsanders
18 Justin/jinaz Basement Dwellers justin at
17 Kris 1/2 Game Lead  krisgardner at
11 Andy Tied for First  andy.sw.beard at @aswb83
14 Jake WHATS A SABRE jakle1111 at @jsl413

* New manager for 2012

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