Week 15 Recap

posted Jul 18, 2011, 7:19 PM by Justin Merry   [ updated Jul 18, 2011, 7:37 PM ]
I'm still interested in feedback on the pitching scoring system I proposed last week...

The trades continue to flurry, with Low Leverage LOOGYs following the Xpert Xpress's lead and acquiring a slew of mid-round draft picks in exchange for help this season.  And meanwhile, we've had some interesting developments in the divisions.

Ray Lankford Division

Losses by Infield Flies and European Swords, plus Jeff Zimmerman's narrow win (see below) has resulted in a three way tie at the top of this division.  Both the Swords and the Flies have also made trades over the past week to strengthen their teams, so this is looking like an exciting race moving forward.

Bid McPhee Division

Entering Sunday night's game, the Basement Dwellers held a 45 point lead over Jeff Zimmerman.  But Jeff Neimann proceeded to throw eight brilliant innings for the Rays, giving Zimmerman an 8.5-point victory.  Pain!  Suit Up! won comfortably over ClearEyes FullHearts, putting the two teams just one win apart.  That's the set up for the big series between the Basement Dwellers and the Suits this week, which could end with the two teams in a tie at the top of this division.

Roberto Clemente Division

Just more of the same: both Underhanded-some and Rockin' Rockers won.  Also, it's worth noting that this division has the most wins of any in the league, with no team being more than three games below .500.

Jeff Bagwell Division

Through a fluke of the schedule, 1/2-Game Lead and Puncher's Chance are playing each other again this week.  Puncher's Chance desperately needs a win; a three game losing streak has them now four wins behind 1/2-Game Lead, after being just a game back for weeks.