Week 8 Recap

posted Jun 29, 2010, 6:06 AM by Justin Merry   [ updated Jun 29, 2010, 6:06 AM ]
(a few days late--sorry!) 

Recap of last week's featured series 

EyeOnTheMendozaLine defeated The Grues 593-392 
If you're going to lose, you might as well lose big! The Mendozas thoroughly thrashed the Grues, posting the second-highest point total of the week despite a dreadful start from Matt Garza (-23 points). They received a fine two-start week from Anibal Sanchez (70 pts), plus several 40-point starts from other pitchers...but what really carried the Mendozas this week was their hitters. Alex Rios had an excellent week (8/25, 3 HR, 5 BB, 68 pts) to lead an offense that featured seven players with 30+ points. The Grues, on the other hand, struggled all over, with a weak offensive week from most of their key hitters, and four starters who failed to break the 20-point mark (including Charlie Morton's -21 point performance that prompted his release!). It's a week I'll gladly forget. The Mendozas stayed a game back of WHATS A SABRE in the Southern division with the win, while the Grues fell to a seemingly insurmountable 5-game deficit in the Northern division. 

14 4 HOF defeated BakeMcBridegrooms 435-423 
This was the closest series of the week, with the Pete Rose Fans narrowly defeating the Bakes by 12 points. It ultimately came down to the suspended MIN-NYY game last week, which netted 14 4 HOF a save and a home run from Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter, neither of which was applied to the week until Monday morning. Jeter was 14 4 HOF's star player, going 12/27 with a homer two walks for 68 points. Also earning nice points was surprising (to me, anyway, as happy as I am about it!) rookie Mike Leake, who posted 67 points across two starts. 14 4 HOF kept pace at 5 games back in the Eastern division, while the BakeMcBridgegrooms continued to flounder at the bottom of their division. 

Best Week 

CincyKids: 652 points 
Two weeks after an awful 290-point week, the CincyKids have posted back to back 650-point series. This week, they were led by a resurgent Albert Pujols (8/22, 4 HR, 6 BB, 80 pts), a solid tease of a week from Rickie Weeks (71 points), and a pair of two-start pitchers in A.J. Burnett (85 pts) and Jamie Moyer (47 pts). 

This Week's Featured series 

Tied For First (6-2) vs. CincyKids (4-4) 
Aside from one week, Tied for First has paced the first place Zach Sanders, and is responsible for Sanders only defeat of the season thus far. This week, they face off against the red hot CincyKids (see above), who are currently the #9 seed and thus would just barely miss the playoffs. Through two days of play, Tied for First has a 16-point advantage, but it's an interesting disparity: TFF leads CK 152-27 in pitching, while CK leads TFF 189-79 on offense. This week could be TFF's chance to get back to first place: Zach Sanders is behind almost 100 points already against the European Swords. 

The Sabremorticians (4-4) vs. DoubleDose (4-4) 
These two teams are both in second place in their divisions, three games behind their division leaders, both at 0.500, and the Yahoo system ranks them as the #7 and #8 teams, respectively. Both would make the playoffs as things stand today, which means that the winner of this week will remain in the playoff picture, while the loser will face a significant setback as they drop below 0.500. As things stand now, DoubleDose has a very narrow 14-point advantage on the series.