Week 3 Recap

posted Jun 29, 2010, 6:02 AM by Justin Merry   [ updated Jun 29, 2010, 6:03 AM ]
Last Week's Key Matchups 

NY Jazzers vs 14 4 HOF 

The Jazzers dominated the Pete Rose fans this week, scoring the most points of any team overall with 604 points! The Jazzers didn't have any over the top performances, but they had solid contributions from just about everyone on their roster. Eight players scored 40 or more points, with two, Robinson Cano and the now-healthy Jose Reyes, scoring over 60 points on the week. 

CincyKids & Blocking Janish 

Last week's battle of the Titans did not disappoint, with both teams scoring over 500 points--the only matchup to do so. Blocking Janish edged CincyKids by 43 points, primarily behind their pitching: a pair of starts by Brandon Marrow and Tommy Hanson (Marrow scored 73 points to lead the team), and 9-inning dominating performance by Roy Halladay, and otherwise solid performances all around. Blocking Janish also took over the overall points lead in our league, with 1,699 points overall. Apparently, pitching does win. 

Closest Series 

EyeOnTheMendozaLine maintained their unbeaten streak by defeating the still-winless Rockin Rockers by just 3.7 points. As the owner of another winless team that lost by 13 points (damn you David Price!) last week, I can feel the pain here. Rockin Rockers received strong performances from both the resurgent Jason Bay and the playing time limited Kosuke Fukudome (50+ pts each). EyeOneTheMendozaLine's squad of Pablo Sandoval, Casey Blake(!), Dan Uggla, and Alcides Escobar carried them to victory...with almost zero contribution from Hanley Ramirez on the week! 

This Week's Key Matchups 

Jeff Zimmerman and Double Dose, two of the teams locked in a three-way tie for first in the Eastern Division, face up this week. One of them will be in (at the least) a tie for first at the end of this week. 

EyeOnTheMendozaLine puts their undefeated record to the test against Zach Sanders' team, which is coming off a 47-point loss to TiedForFirst. 

Finally, the other undefeated team, Blocking Janish, squares up in an apparent mismatch against the currently victoryless Sexfist. Best of luck to Sexfist--we winless managers gotta stick together. 

As always, additional information, graphs, and data about the league can be found at our league resources website: http://tinyurl.com/25lhjww