Week 11 Recap

posted Jun 29, 2010, 6:08 AM by Justin Merry   [ updated Jun 29, 2010, 6:10 AM ]
Week 11 Recap

Half of the fantasy season is in the books!  Last week was pretty interesting: the Northern division went undefeated (again) and the Eastern division went winless.  Almost as extreme, the Southern division went 4-1, while the Western division went 1-4!  Division win totals are as follows:
Northern: 34 (27,905 pts)
Southern: 28 (26,267 pts; includes Bake McBridegrooms)
Eastern: 25 (26,102 pts)
Western: 23 (26,000 pts; includes Sexfist)

Recap of last week's key matchups

Tied for First over DoubleDose 612-425
Tied for First continued their quest to tie Zach Sanders' team for first with a crushing victory over DoubleDose.  In racking up the best point total of the week, TFF had three 70-point performances: David Ortiz (70 pts--I regret not taking him when I had the chance!), Clay Bucholtz (74 pts), and Mad Max Scherzer (74 pts).  The best performance, however, was on DoubleDose, where Dustin Pedroia put up 81-points.  

European Swords over Jeff Zimmerman 519-415
In something of an upset, the European Swords took down the first place team of the Eastern Division.  Fortunately for Zimmerman, his entire division lost last week, so it didn't affect his playoff prospects.  And unfortunately for the European Swords, their entire division won last week, and so the win didn't get them any closer to the division lead...although it did bring them into the playoff picture, as their 8th place ranking by Yahoo's tiebreaker system gives them the final playoff seed as things stand.

Closest Series

Zach Sanders over Suit Up! 443-439
Suit Up! suffered a heartbreaking loss, with only four points--the equivalent of one single by one hitter.  With such a slim margin, it's hard to pin the loss on any one player...but it does take Adam Rosales' 0/8 week a lot harder to stomach.  Neither team had a particularly good week.  Sanders' pitching, outside of Adam Wainwright and Fausto Carmona, stunk it up.  But the Suits' offense similarly laid an egg, with only four hitters posting 20 or more points on the week.  The best performance was via a pair of starts by the Suits' Hiroki Kuroda (85 pts; 17 K in 12 IP), but Sanders' team received an amazing performance from Matt Holliday: 10 for 23, 4 HR, 82 pts.

This Week's Key Matchups

I'm traveling this week and so this is coming a bit late.  But that said...

Blocking Janish (9-2) vs. Zach Sanders (9-2)
If this isn't a battle of the titans, I don't know what is.  The two teams with the best records in our league, and the leaders of the Northern and Western divisions, are going to head to head this week.  After just their second loss of the season last week, and posting back-to-back sub-500 point weeks, Blocking Janish is looking mortal.  Unfortunately for Sanders, his team has also been playing poorly, posting sub-500 point weeks in 3 of their past 4 weeks.  So far, Sanders has a 221-194 lead.  ... which isn't exactly an inspiring performance from either team.  Sanders has a bit more riding on this, as he only has a 1-game lead over Tied for First.  Blocking Janish has a 4-series lead over the next-best teams in their division.  We'll see what happens.

Sexfist (0-11) vs. Bake McBridegrooms (2-9)
Ok, here's the one at the other extreme.  If Sexfist had a chance to win a series, this is it: they're playing against the other badly neglected team this week.  The Bakes have an 8-week losing streak, whereas Sexfist has yet to win.  Right now, Sexfist has a 225-176 lead.  (By the way, 225 points is more than both Blocking Janish and Zach Sanders have to date--go Sexfist!).  This is so exciting!  In other news, I've decided that if CincyKids ever decides to release Doug Fister, and no one picks him up for two weeks, I'm going to use my commish powers to sign him to Sexfist and install him as their #1 starter.