We had the opportunity to present to the Wisconsin School Nurses Association in Madison! We thank them for the opportunity and a thank you to Michael Mayfield for sharing his Partners2 story! 

How Stress effects our teens...

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Plan to Prevent Marijuana Edible Overdoses, Colorado Experts Advise Other States
Unintentional poisonings from marijuana edibles, particularly in children, are an unintended consequence of recreational marijuana legalization in Colorado, two experts say.

States considering legalizing recreational marijuana should carefully consider lessons learned in Colorado when making their own rules regarding edibles packaging and serving sizes, according to Tista Ghosh, MD, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

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The mission of PARTNERS2 is to network the parents, students, schools and our community to promote positive cultural change and healthy choices, with an emphasis on preventing alcohol, tobacco, and drug use by our youth

"More kids have died and become dependent on drugs because their parents believed 'this couldn't happen to my kid' more than any other single reason. Don't be one of those parents." --Bob Stutman, 25-year DEA agent, published author, and Special Consultant on Substance Abuse for CBS News. 
We all want it to be 'not my kid', but the reality is that the majority of our teens face peer pressure and will make choices about using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  This website is a resource to inform and connect the community around our kids.
Partners2 is a resource for PARENTS. Families agree to encourage safe activities for youth by chaperoning gatherings and not allowing the use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. These families learn about their legal responsibilities and communicate with other adults.  Talking to our kids and each other makes a huge difference!
Partners2 is a resource for STUDENTS. It is not enought to just say NO! Students who know about the damage caused by the use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs are less lekely to buy into the media and cultural myths and pressures. Becoming involved in your community makes a huge difference!
Partners2 is a resource for SCHOOLS. Schools are an active part of the Partners2 program model by supporting schools, parents, students, and the community to inform the public about Alcohol and Other Drugs Abuse (AODA) programs. We support drug-free activities, programs, and events.
Partners2 is a resource for the COMMUNITY. We are committed to creating positive cultural change and networking. We bring together businesses, law enforcement, local government, civic organizations, and service organizations. This diverse group can assist the choices of our kids.  

Need to contact us or Ms. Converset? Christina Converset, Community Outreach Coordinator for Partners2 at cconverset@basd.k12.wi.us