Internet Resources       

Inexpensive Ways to Connect to the Internet

  • – links to broadband internet plans  created by public-private partnerships
  • – $10.00 a month unlimited wireless 4G Internet (national program)
  • Internet Essentials – $9.95 a month connection from Comcast
  • Time Warner – $14.99 a month Internet -only plan
  • FCC Announcement - FCC blog announcing several Federal initiatives to help provide hardware and software to students.

Utility Discounts

  • provides guidance for low-income families to take advantage of discounts in utilities including telephone, gas, and electric.

Self Guided Learning for New Internet Users

  • Computer Lessons for Beginners – Learn the basics of the computer, an introduction to the Internet and email.  Includes some basics of Microsoft Word.

Reduced cost telephone and cell phone service

  • Lifeline - Federal subsidy of telephone service. This link goes to the Massachusetts brochure.


  • With Causes recycles, refurbishes, and fixes computer equipment for reuse to benefit many families in need, nonprofits and educational causes. Click here to request help. DO NOT CALL!
  • FreeCycle is an online network an nonprofit movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own town! This would be a great way to get a free computer for your family. Membership is free. Sign up by finding your community.
  • Komputers 4 R Kids has many volunteers helping to build no longer wanted and broken computers. That then turns around and donates them.
  • offers a Digital Learning Program that provides those who are eligible with training for teachers, students and their parents along with a free broadband-ready home computer loaded with educational software and 24×7 bilingual help desk support. National nonprofit organization

Resources for Bridging the Digital Divide

  • Pew Internet and American Life Project – The Pew Foundation project produces reports exploring the impact of the internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and civic and political life.
  • Bridge the Digital Divide – CNET Networks International Media has partnered with UK charity Computer Aid International, to undertake the effort of bridging the digital divide between the developed world and the developing world.
  • Digital Divide Network – the Internet’s largest community for educators, activists, policy makers and concerned citizens working to bridge the digital divide.
  • -The Digital Literacy portal is an initiative of the Obama Administration to serve as a valuable resource to practitioners who are delivering digital literacy training and services in their communities.
  • Digital Literacy Corps thousands of students have participated in a statewide  since 2003.
  • e-Vermont iConnect –  training to improve skills for working with Internet beginners.This training helps participants communicate effectively and efficiently as they walk beginners through specific online tasks, like navigating a website, filling out an online application, or opening an e-mail account. It also shows participants how to connect beginners with the resources they need to continuing learning and become comfortable navigating the online world on their own.
  • Net Literacy working for digital literacy and digital inclusion while providing our student volunteers job skills, life skills, and an opportunity to serve our community

Information on Community Wireless Networks

  • – pioneers of community networks working for over ten years in Spain.  The network has over 20,000 nodes in the Catalonia region which includes the cities of Valencia and Barcelona.
  • Free Network Foundation – nonprofit organization that works to facilitate community networking in the United States through training, consulting and advocacy

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BART staff can help you find and apply for discount Internet access, telephone and cell phone service, and computer equipment for your child.