Welcome to Mechatronics at Sims Academy!

Mechatronics is all about automation in our society. The automation that we focus on is anything electronic we use on a regular basis that is designed to make our lives easier. This can be something complex like a self-driving car, or something as simple as turning on street lights automatically when it gets dark outside.

And of course, ROBOTS!

We don’t just use robots and 3D printers, we design, and make them! We develop functions for rockets, and automating how we make, distribute, and sell products across the world. We get to work with high voltage electricity, and maybe even blow stuff up! We explore the design, production, maintenance, and troubleshooting of robots and automated systems. Looking at both industrial and personal automation, we learn how to build, program, and wire systems revolving around Arduinos, and Programmable Logic controllers (PLCs).

With a new field that is as quickly growing, such as Mechatronics, industries are in desperate need of individuals that are able to think critically, and have a solid background in electronics and computer science. In these applied Mechatronics classes at Sims Academy, we do just that.

Jobs in Mechatronics

Mechatronics is a very quickly growing field, and has applications in almost any industry. Any industry that requires automation in any fashion needs Mechatronics. At Sims Academy, we work closely with Lanier Technical College. Lanier Tech has a very successful and growing Mechatronics program, along with Wireless Engineering and Building Automation programs. Receiving a 2-year degree from Lanier Tech in any of these programs opens many doors in manufacturing industries. Below is a table of applied positions where a background in Mechatroincs and automation is extremely useful.

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