The key to Georgia’s economic future is a prepared workforce. Therefore, one of the fundamental goals of the Georgia Department of Labor’s Workforce Solutions Team is to produce an emerging workforce that is prepared to face the challenges of a global marketplace. 

Employee responsibility is often the missing link in the working arena. While most students are graduating from high school and preparing for the future with the appropriate academic credentials, many still lack the soft skills and work ethic to succeed in today’s workforce. 

A survey of large, medium, and small businesses shows that employers are having difficulty hiring people who possess adequate basic skills, thinking skills, working competencies, work attitudes, and work habits. To address this gap and to give Georgia students AN INVESTMENT IN TODAY’S YOUTH FOR TOMORROW’S WORKFORCE! an advantage moving into the workforce, the Department of Labor created GeorgiaBEST.
 The training, modeled after the business world where employees are assessed by their employers on performance, teaches ten areas of ethics and soft skills. This type of assessment in a classroom setting allows for leadership development, critical and creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, teamwork, and work-based learning. Guest speakers from the business community, mock job interviews, and résumé tips round out a complete soft skills and ethics training course. 

Georgia businesses and hiring managers are recognizing the importance of GeorgiaBEST and understand that these students have gone above and beyond to prepare themselves for the workplace. Getting a foot in the door is the BEST advantage a business can offer.