Osito, formally known as PUPS, is our school's charity club organization that officially has been around since 2002.   The club's new name was decided on by the members of this club when we officially became Bear Creek Middle.  Osito is a term of endearment in the Hispanic community, and it also means little bear.  We felt that this word represented us very well.   We pride ourselves in committing acts that not only make BCMS a better place, but also the community as well as society as a whole. We also spend a great deal of our focus on teacher appreciation as well as student appreciation (yes, we pop popcorn, give prizes, etc...)

Members of Osito range from sixth graders to eighth graders.  In order to join, students have to get recommendations from teachers as well as try to maintain passing three out of four academic classes throughout the year.


My email: annelocke.ridgway@barrow.k12.ga.us

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