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Use this for myON and MobyMax logins.

Practice typing before the GA Milestones - No more hunting and pecking keys.

Mrs. Neupert emailed the password to you on your Barrow County Schools email account. Please email me if you need it again.

When you get there - click on this picture:

password is: dogpack

Hispanic Heritage Month Projects

How to Cite Wikipedia articles. Be sure to ask Mrs. Neupert before using Wikipedia for your research. 
  • "Article Title."   Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia.   Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.   Date article was published (look at end of article for "This page was last modified.." date).    Type the date that you viewed the website.   Copy and paste the link to the Wikipedia page.

** See Mrs. Neupert for a password if you are asked for one.**

Prepositions Game

Prepositions Game 2

Last updated: January 18, 2018.