Jennifer Chisholm

It is very important to seek answers and how to do the workYou can always check yourself and work backwards. You must always show work and you must know how to complete the process correctly to master a concept. 

Links to other useful websites: 

Mrs. Britt's Advanced Algebra:

Mr. Farmer's Advanced Algebra:  http://farmermath.weebly.com/

Kahn Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org

Useful apps you can download: Mathway, Photomath, Desmos

Hello there! Here you will find information on the 2017-18 school year's GSE Algebra I, Algebra I Support and GSE Algebra II. 

Hope you have a great year and if there are ever any questions, please contact me at jennifer.chisholm@barrow.k12.ga.us or call the school at 770-867-4519.

Tutoring Hours: 

7 - 7:30am - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

2:35 - 3pm - Monday - Friday

Students need to communicate and notify me that they are coming for tutoring, so I can be sure to be there. I can also come earlier or stay later, on most days, if students need and request it. Usually only a short amount of one-on-one time getting help can really help a student. 

Students can email me AT ANY TIME for help. I am usually quick to respond (if it is at a reasonable time). 

jennifer.chisholm@barrow.k12.ga.us - the best one that I respond to the quickest 

or jennifer.chisholm@barrowcountyschools.org
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