I am a special ed team teacher in 9th grade World History and 10th grade US History.  I have been in teaching for about 38 years with most of my experience in English and related subjects.  I graduated from Lock Haven University of PA with a BS in Education, majoring in English and Biology.  After moving to Chattanooga, I attended University of TN at Chattanooga to gain Special Ed certification.  I have been at WBHS for 14 years and before this taught in Chattanooga, Charlotte, Bergenfield,NJ, and Orangeburg,NY. I am married and have grown twin girls who graduated from AU.  In addition to my family, I have 2 dogs, both mutts, who really run the household.  My biggest hobby is reading.  I enjoy teaching or I would be retired by now.
I am available for tutoring before school most days from 6:50 to 7:25 in the morning and after school from 2:35 to 3:00.  If anyone wants to access the syllabus for either course I team teach, you can see Jonathan Smith's web page as he is my team teacher.