Charles P. Barlow (1838 - 1874) is first found in the 1850 Lawrence County, TN census report under
the household of John & Elvira Barlow. His age was listed as 12, placing his birth year at 1838, and
his place of birth was listed as TN.  His birth year has most consistently been listed as 1838.  Documentation verifies that he did serve during the Civil War.  He is also listed in the
 1860 census in Lawrenceburg, TN., and the 1870 Giles County census in Campbellsville, TN.  A marriage record
shows that Charles married Eliza Barlow in 
1858.  We are entering into the records that it was the
same Eliza Osburn who was first married to William Henry Barlow in 
1845, based on a recently discovered death certificate of Charles's daughter.  The death certificate lists C.P. Barlow as her
father, and 'Miss Osburn' as her mother.  There is an ongoing effort to find a divorce record between
William Henry and Eliza that would have given Eliza the freedom to eventually marry Charles.  Elvira
Kansas Barlow was born 10 months prior to the marriage between Charles and Eliza.

"Home" for many of the Barlows
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Charles P. Barlow


Eliza Osburn
B: 1838 - TN / D: 1874 - Hardin, TN]

His death details were presented by one of his descendants and have not yet been confirmed.

Lawrence Co., TN

B: 1830/'31 - TN D:     -      TN

In 1880, she was living with her son, John Wesley Barlow, in Hardin, TN.

See 1880 census report

His Military Service:

Civil War - Co. D, 19th TN Cav CSA.
See here
Charles died before applying for pension.

Their Children:

  Elvira Kansas Barlow b: 03/26/1857 - TN
11/11/1927 - Lenox, Dyer
                         Co., TN
  John Wesley Barlow
b: 1859 - TN
d: 1937 - Dunklin County, MO
Next Generation      

Elvira 'Kansas'


George Henson

Their Children:

Hendrix Henson - See Death Certif
b: 06/27/1895-TN
d: 07/07/1930 - Lenox, Dyer County, TN

John Wesley
See 1880 census report

Hardin, TN

1st: Sarah E. Hughlin 
2nd  Name Unknown
Their Children:
Fannie  S. Barlow....... 1877-TN
Emily Barlow...............1880-TN
Joseph Edgar Barlow...1901-TN

 Next Generation                     

Joseph Edgar Barlow


Name Unknown

Their Children:
Joseph 'Joe' Barlow     b: ?   /  d: ?

Names of additional children, if any, are not currently known. 

Note: John Wesley Barlow last lived in Dunklin County, MO with his 2nd wife (name unknown) and died there.  His son, Joseph Edgar Barlow, was by his 1st wife, Sara Hughlin.  Names of additional children, if any, are not currently known.  Source of information - descendant of Charles P. Barlow.