John Barlow
[b: 1784/'85 - d: 1860 to 1870]

It is likely that some of the young people living in the household of John
& Elvira Barlow listed in the 1850/1860 census reports were their grandchildren,
not their children. And while Nancy M. Barlow could have been John's daughter
by a 1st wife, she could also have been his daughter-in-law, niece, or even a
cousin. Until documentation can be found that will clearly identify the individuals
listed in the reports, the relationships for those that are questionable will be
indicated accordingly. Click on the above links for further details on the members
of his household.


 John Barlow
 married  _____  ___ 1st wife
Elvira _____ 2nd wife
[b: 1784 to 1795   -  VA or NC]
[d: 18___ - Lawrence Co., TN

John Barlow's Household in 1850.
  [b: 1814 to 1815  -       GA]
[d: 18___ -   Giles Co., TN]

Nancy M. Barlow

Charles P. Barlow

Martha A. Barlow

John S. Barlow

Jasper Newton Barlow

1827/'28 - TN /

1838 - TN / 19__ ?

1839/'40 - TN /

1841/'42 - TN /

b: 09/10/1844 - TN / d: 07/07/1918 - TN

Willey H. Barlow

Elvira T. Barlow

Elizabeth J. Barlow

Francis H. Barlow

Wm. W. Barlow

1846/'47 – TN

1848/'49 - TN (Twin?)

1848/'49 - TN (Twin?)

1850/'51 – TN

1860/'61 - TN 


Please Note:

Although the John Barlow family is closely related to the William Henry Barlow (Barlar) lineage, and despite the fact that both families lived in the same area--at times, in the same county--it appears that very few of the descendants of the two families ever knew of the others existence.  To date, the reasons as to why this was the case are not entirely clear.

About Isle of Wight, VA

Isle of Wight, VA




 What We Know About 
             John Barlow        


The Earliest Records To Date:

His Birth / Death / Marriage:

  • The year of birth (1784/'85)
    has been calculated by his age (65) as stated in the 1850 census report.  We're assuming that it was an error 10-years later in the 1860 census report when his age was still listed as 65; and we're using the 1850 data to calculate his likely birth year.

  • His place of birth is listed as VA in the 1850 census, but NC in the 1860 census.

  • His death is estimated to have been between 1860/1870 in Lawrence County, TN.  His age at his death is estimated
    to have been 75 or older.

  • Due to the difference in their ages, Elvira (born in GA, maiden name unknown) is believed to have been his 2nd wife.

  • Between 1860/1870, presumably after John's death, Elvira moved from Lawrence County to neighboring Giles County, where she is listed as 'head of household' in the 1870 Giles County census report.

    Elvira's year of birth has most
    consistently been listed as 1814/'15 and according to family lore, she was of Native American heritage.

  • The year of John's marriage to Elvira is estimated to have been at least prior to 1837.


  • Genetic DNA tests have proven that John Barlow was closely related to William Henry Barlow (Barlar); but their exact relationship--whether they were father/son, uncle/nephew, cousins, etc.,--has not yet been fully documented.  The likelihood is that John Barlow and his 1st wife (her name is not yet known) were William Henry Barlow's parents.
  1. Isle of Wight, Virginia Barlow family Lineage

  2. Alfred Hirton Barlow of N.C. Lineage

  3. Richard of West Virginia Lineage
All of the above family groups descended from the Isle of Wight family, and all four are closely related to each other, proven by the results of DNA testing.  The major task now is to determine precisely how they were all related.


  • John Barlow's occupation was listed as 'farming' in the census reports; he was listed as not able to read or write.

  • Records show that two of his sons (John S. Barlow and Charles P. Barlow) served in the Civil War.