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Military Service Of

Claxton Buddy Barlar

( 1914 - 1963 )

   WW II – U.S. Army  

Enlistment: August 13, 1941 Ft Oglethorpe Georgia

Cpl 2113 Base Unit AAF,
M.P. – Maxwell AFB

Birth Place: Giles Co., TN

Lynnwood Cemetery - Giles Co., TN


Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters

Maxwell AFB


 1942 – Maxwell AFB

        - G. Grandson of William Henry Barlow
        - Grandson of Alfred Jordan Barlow (Barlar)
        - Son of Thomas Jefferson Barlar

Claxton is listed in the National WW II Memorial Registry.

In the Military Family:  

Claxton is the brother of WW II Civil Service worker Dolly Adell (Barlar) Davis, uncle of AL Army Nat'l Guardsman Cecil 'Wayne' Austin, 1st cousin of WW II Army veteran Mckinley Brown Barlar, Sr., & WW II Navy veteran John William Barlar.