During the cross country season, we must follow a set of guidelines that will ensure success throughout the entire season.
We do everything as a TEAM.  While participating in the sport, encourage every runner.  We will train as a team and stretch as a team.
Come to practice prepared and on time.  Always overdress when at practice.  You can always take off layers.  You should always bring the following items to practice and meets.
1. Running shoes
2. Extra pair of socks
3. Shirt/shorts (Uniform)
4. Jacket/wind pants (waterproof)
5. Water bottle (Hydrate your body.  You will need it.)
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No walking allowed.  If you get tired, try not to walk.  Instead, shuffle (a very slow jog).  If you have an emergency or are feeling pain and must walk, that is different.  We want your body to get accustomed to running.
No Inappropriate language/behavior is tolerated.  Parents, teachers, and other runners hear you talking.  Represent Barberton High School with pride.  Let's show others that Barberton has a First Class Program.
Stay Focused and Think POSITIVE.  Keep up with all of your school assignments.  If you ever need help with your school work, ask your coach or teacher for help.  Do not wait until it is too late.
Stay rested for your competition days.  A rested runner is a better prepared runner.
Eat the right stuff.  Try to stay away from all the "junk" food.  Eating healthy will make running easier and more enjoyable.
At the Meets:  All athletes are expected to ride the bus to and from the meets.  If you are riding with a parent/guardian, a written letter with your parent's/guardian's signature is required in advance.