BHS cross country runners participated in the 2011 Jeep Davis 5K
The summer training season allows strength and aerobic efficiency to be developed very much like the foundation of a building.  The greater the depth and breadth of the foundation, the higher the building will be built. 
Our goal is to emphasize strength in order to reduce the possibility of injury, increase the effectiveness of speedwork, and heighten the enjoyment of competition.  Simply put, the summer season gives you the opportunity to become the best runner you can be.
Our summer workouts operate on the "hard - easy" philosophy.  The concept of "hard" relates to three building blocks of training: Speed, resistance, and endurance. 
Speed is any type of training where leg speed is emphasized. 
Resistance involves any outside influence on your normal running where the body must work harder to maintain steady-state effeciency.  Hills, uneven terrain, sand, or altitude involve this training concept.
Endurance is any type of training where the athlete extends the period of effort substantially over twice the time of the race...approximately 40 minutes at any given speed.
* The effort you give to successfully complete a summer mileage base will give you the strength and confidence to run well throughout the rest of the cross country season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Copyright 2010