What is the Parents Association?

     A group whose main objectives are:
  • To promote understanding and cooperation among parents, teachers and the community.
  • To provide both physical and fundraising support for activities and athletic programs.
  • To provide financial assistance for an item or event that will not be a budgeted item

Who can belong? 

    YOU!! Having a high school student automatically makes you a     member, also teachers, administrators, and any other               interested community member(s).

When does it meet?

    Meeting are held the second Monday of every month at               6:00pm at the High School.

Where does it get its money?

    Through various fundraisers held throughout the year. These         include, but not limited to, Outdoor Concession Stands and         Ford Drive4UR school.

What does it do with the money raised?

      Helps out financially in the following ways:
  • Sports and Activities
  • Scholarships for graduating seniors
  • Career Center funding
  • Refreshments for various school functions and ceremonies
  • Special sports recognition: District baskets, State candy bars, Senior flowers, etc.
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation
  • Graduation ceremony expenses
  • Special one-time needs or projects

How can I be involved?

    Attend meetings, help at events and fundraisers, or support        an activity.

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