City Staff & Services

The City of Bangor has a council-manager form of government, therefore, all City staff and departments are supervised by the City Manager, except the office of City Attorney, which is supervised by the City Council.

As the Chief Administrative Officer of the City, and by City Charter, the City Manager supervises the City Assessor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, Community Service Director, Police Chief, and Public Works Director.

The City Assessor, City Clerk, City Manager, City Treasurer, and Community Service Director are located at City Hall, 257 W Monroe St.

The Bangor City Police Department is based out of 414 Division, Bangor, headed by Police Chief Tommy Simpson. In an emergency, call 911. If it is not an emergency, and you need an officer, please call dispatch at 269-657-3101. The Bangor Police Department number is 269-427-5801.

The Bangor Community Fire Department is part of the A.B.B. Fire District, as lead by the A.B.B. Fire District Board and Fire Chief Derek Babcock.
City Hall Directory

Bangor City Hall
257 W Monroe St
Bangor, MI 49013

Telephone: 269-427-5831
Facsimile: 269-427-7919

Dianna McGrew
City Assessor

Laura Roe
City Clerk

Regina Hoover
City Manager

Stephenie Cagle
City Treasurer