Arts Council

City Ordinances, Section 31.02:

The functions of the Bangor Arts and Crafts Council shall be as follows:

(A) To promote mutual understanding and respect among all citizens with regard to the arts.

(B) To advise the Bangor City Council concerning the initiation and direction of programs for the arts development which the Bangor Arts and Crafts Council may, from time to time, establish in order to provide exposure for citizens of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds to the arts.

(C) To disseminate information concerning the arts in the Bangor School District and Townships of Arlington, Bangor, Columbia and Geneva as well as the surrounding area.

(Ord. 193, passed 4-22-91)

An example of public art can be viewed along Railroad St north of M-43:
Bangor Michigan Public Art


Elizabeth Green
Chair/ Member

Vice Chair/ Member

Kelly Weber
Treasurer/ Member

Secretary/ Member




Council Rep. (non-voting)