Balodyan Hosted Awesome STARTALK Summer Hindi Immersion Camp ( BHASSHIC ) 2011

BHASSHIC 2011 was a two week (10 day) Hindi immersion summer camp for 50 students of ages 8 thru 13 that took place between July 18th and 29th 2011 at Chinmaya Mission - Yamunotri facility in Grayslake.

This was a completely free program for students fully supported by the STARTALK grant. Theme of the program was "Friends Rock through Hindi Talk" or " बातचीत कीजिए, दोस्त बनाइये - हिंदी के जरिए ".

Students learnt to converse and connect with each other in simple Hindi. They also learnt to read and write Hindi script to create Hindi scrap-books, calendars, greeting cards, family tree and read simple menu cards. Students practiced their Hindi skills in real life situations such as phone conversations with grandparents, hosting cultural celebrations such as Diwali, Holi, Garba at home for family and friends, visiting a sabjii manDii to buy fruits and vegetables, ordering food in an Indian restaurant, etc. They also played games such as kho-kho, piTThuu, cricket, rumaal-baazii, Gandhiji Bole, saaNp-siiDhii and carrom. They made colorful tie-die shirts, grew sprouts, visited Swaminarayan BAPS Mandir and Jain Center in Bartlett for field-trip, played Holi with colors and celebrated Diwali by doing puujaa, making and eating miThaaii and lighting sparklers. They listened to Hindi stories, created skits and commercials, learnt to comment on voicethreads, sang Hindi songs, danced to Garba music, participated in hands on cultural presentations by renowned local presenters in the field of meditation, Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Tabla. Students were provided healthy vegetarian Indian meals of superb quality.

World language classrooms created in BHASSHIC 2011 were based on STARTALK principles, to offer a nurturing and nourishing environment to our Hindi-learners. Students formed bonds with their friends through the newly learnt language, that will last beyond the camp experience. They can take their classroom learning to their homes and native places and connect easily with family / extended family through more enriched cultural experiences in the camp.
This was a small effort to make our children globally compatible citizens in this increasingly diverse world.

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What our campers say about their BHASSHIC 2011 experience.
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Balodyan Bhav Bhasha Bharati,
Aug 9, 2011, 9:19 AM