Balodyan Books of Action Songs and Short Hindi Plays for Kids and Adults

Balodyan's books of short Hindi plays , picture stories and action songs for children written by Vidya Nahar are available for purchase on Apple's Itunes store .

Book 1 in this series contains 30 short Hindi plays and songs.

Book 2 in this series contains 23 short Hindi plays and action / sing-along songs.

Book 3 contains 8 Hindi plays with Hindi - English glossaries for some plays.

Book 4 contains 6 Hindi plays with Hindi - English glossaries for all the plays.

Book 3 and 4 are available only in online editions on Itunes store or on Google books .

See a glimpse of first two Balodyan Hindi naaTikaaeN books (part 1 and part 2) that are available in print.

These short and simple Hindi plays and songs were written by Vidya Nahar at Balodyan over a period of 12 years for kids growing up outside India and learning Hindi as a second language. The plays are based on folk-lore, history and social life of India. The songs in book 2 can be sung by kids to tunes that are already familiar to them such as Mary Had a Little Lamb or Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round and many more similar kid songs.

These plays and songs are useful to learn Hindi in playful ways for kids as well as adults (who are learning Hindi as a foreign language). 

To order Balodyan's Paperback Books of small Hindi plays and songs (part 1 and 2), please send a money order or a check for $15 each book (includes shipping and handling in the U.S.A. or for $18 outside U.S.A.) payable to Vidya Nahar, 1165, Alden Lane, Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089, U.S.A. If purchased together, the set of first two books will cost $25 or pay by Paypal below.

If you want to order 10 or more copies, price per book will be $10 + $5 shipping for each block of 10 books or less. 
For 80 or more copies, price per book will be $7 + $40 shipping for the entire order.

Please include your name and shipping address.

Thank you for promoting usage of Hindi.

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