This is an
EARCOS sponsored workshop held on Saturday-Sunday, 5-6 November 2016 at Bali Island School.
Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.” Peter Drucker Let’s not make it difficult for our colleagues and ourselves. Come along to this workshop to develop PRACTICAL SKILLS as well as learn how to manage up, down and sideways, in your workplace. Designed for: TeachersPrincipalsBusiness Managers/Admissions Managers/Finance ManagersGrade level leaders and Heads of Department, anyone who wants to learn more about managing others and building teamwork. You do not need to be in a leadership role or position of responsibility - these are SKILLS that help you in any work environment.
An outline of topics:
1. Management fundamentals (and the role of leadership)
2. Developing teams in international schools.
3. What is the ‘best’ management style for me?
4. Working to my strengths and building a team
5. Communication skills in intercultural environments
6. Job Readiness (CV, philosophy, interviews)

The benefit to you is not just the networking and learning new skills but also takeaways that can be used when you return to the ‘busyness’ of your work.