Thank you for visiting this site.  I've been working with clay since high school.  I'd like to thank Ms. Schroedl for those first lessons, primarily as a way to keep me out of trouble as a teenager.  I work with both stoneware and porcelain.  My work is food ware safe.  You can eat on it, microwave it, freeze it, place it in the dishwasher, use an electric mixer with it, and bake with them in the oven.  For the record, the bowls are great for baking macaroni and cheese, and they clean up quite readily.  
If you are interested in looking at my work please feel free to stop by Northern Colorado Potters' Guild in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Otherwise you can also find my work in the The Milltown Depot/School House museum in Star Lake, Wisconsin.  My work is also for sale in Crandon, Wisconsin, at Northwoods Trading Post. 



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