Interesting Historical Events

In  1803, the United States bought the Dakota Territory as part of the Louisiana Purchase from France. This purchase nearly doubled the size of the Union. Along with the Dakota Territory, the U.S. bought Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, part of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Oklahoma, and part of Minnesota, and of course, Louisiana.  The U.S. paid $11,250.00  for all of the land. Thomas Jefferson negotiated the deal with France.  The Louisiana Purchase was interesting because it doubled the size of America.  
On November 2, 1889, South and North Dakota were separated and made independent states.  South Dakota had been part of the Dakota Territory, but in November 1889, it was made an independent state. North and South Dakota are named after the Dakota tribe. Dakota means "allies" in the tribe's language. The inauguration of North and South Dakota was important because the Union acquired a lot of valuable land in many ways.    

In 1989, South Dakota celebrated its first ever centennial (100 year celebration). Throughout the state, there was parades, programs, and two wagon trains. The wagon trains rode through the state and meet at Huron, where the South Dakota State Fair is. South Dakota was inaugurated in 1889, so 1989 would be a hundred years later. The centennial of South Dakota is interesting because it was its first ever hundred year celebration. The next one will be in 2089. Centennials are a great part of everycentury life.