Famous Person

Georgia O'Keefe

    Georgia O'Keefe was born in 1885 in Sun Prairie Wisconsin. She was Hungarian and Irish.  She was intrigued by New Mexico's desserts and wanted to capture the stillness and detail of their beautiful scenery. Her passion was painting animal bones, flowers and scenery. This artist fascinates and inspires me because I love to draw and create art.

William Hannah
    You might not kno
w him but here is a clue: He invented "The Flintstones." If it's William Hannah you guessed, you are correct. This man was born in 1910, in Melrose, New Mexico. As a boy, he joined the Boys Scouts, later this inspired him to create the character "Yogi Bear." Once he saw the Warner Brothers work, he knew what he wanted to do, so he set out for work. After he got a job at the organization "Ink and paper," he soon got promoted to the head of the organization. Later, he moved on to the MGM Animation Studio, and in the 1930's, he became the director. In the end, William met Joe Barbera, and became partners in work. Together they created many cartoon characters that became famous. He had finally achieved his goal. It was interesting finding out that William Hannah invented some of the original Saturday morning cartoons.

Chief Victorio
    Chief Victorio was born in 1825. He grew up in the Chihenne band. Later, in his twenties, he rode alongside Geronimo and other Apache leaders. Once he became chief of the Chihene band, he fought against the US army.
Victorio's band was moved from reservation to reservation. Victorio was doing well in his fight against the military. Finally, in the Alamo Massacre, although many settlers were killed, he was driven off. He later died on October 14th, 1880. Since I'm part Native, chief Victorio inspired me to learn the history of the Apaches through his life.