Who's Who?

    During Delaware's colony time, Europeans settled and controlled the state-soon to be-colony.  It was taken over by many countries starting from the Sweden to the Dutch.  Then it was given to a man named William Penn after 1682.  So, it was taken over by the Europeans because the countries Dutch, Sweden, and the English are European countries.  There are many ways to prove this.  For instance, there are still many rubble artifacts in Delaware that have a connection with the countries I said.  So Delaware WAS controlled by Europeans at one point.    There were many important people that were in Delaware's colonial time.

William Penn

    One important person during the colonial time was William Penn.  He was important because he founded Delaware and was an owner of the colonial Delaware, and was also a founder.  But he founded Delaware for profits and trading, also for religious reasons.  But, he wasn't the first founder, since the land of Delaware was given to him.  But he added additional funds in around the 1680s.

John Dickinson

    Another important person in Delaware's time was a smart man named John Dickinson.  He was famous because he was a politician and was a lawyer.  But he was a president for Delaware and had over 800 acres of land on Delaware.  He later gave the land to people that were close to him.


Peter Minuet
    Another important person in the history of Delaware is a Swedish person named Peter Minuet.  He didn't found anything, but he leaded the Swedish on the colony to make a settlement around 1626, which was important.  But, his Sweden group were the people that brought log cabins to America.  I guess he was smart and wealthy.