Industries & Natural Resources

The natural resources of Connecticut are varied because of the varied geographic locations from rolling hills to forests,rivers and many water bodies.There is a lot of farming in Connecicut.Hay,corn,oats,tobacco,vegetables and potatoes grow on the farms.Farms have cattle grazing in the fields and hence lots of dairy products that come from Connecticut.The Long Island Sound along the coast of Connecticut provides fish,lobster oysters and clams.Minerals such as granite and mica are mined in Connecticut.
 Industries such as mining and agriculture come from Connecticuts natural resources.Manufacturing of transportation equipment, machinery, metal products,scientific instruments ,chemicals and electronics is big in Connecticut. The first insurance company in America comes from Connecticut.Hartford is known as America's insurance capital.Big insurance companies such as Aetna and Travelers still have their headquaters in Harthord.

Travelers Insurance Building - Hartford ,Connecticut 1920's