Sahaja Kids: Montessori + Pre-Primary School

Give a child opportunities to play. Play is how children learn. It is the natural way for them to explore, to become creative, to learn to make up and tell stories and to develop social skills. Play also helps children learn to solve problems, and while playing with others they learn how to negotiate and network.
Children can develop language skills only if they have many opportunities to talk, listen and use language to solve problems and learn about the world.  Children can develop use of multi-media in a controlled method can reinforce whatever is learnt through reading or practical methods. A child learns much faster through this multi-dimensional approach and will remember them much longer. 

All of this is possible with Sahaja Kids - an International School combining Montessori with Central Theme Based Education. Sahaja Kids utilizes these natural and time-tested playway  methods, combined with innovative 
educational tools (including multi-media) from around the world, to teach and sharpen your child's sensory, cognative, spatial, motor and language skills.

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Aug 25, 2014, 10:19 AM