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Everybody has to go with the times... in today's fast-paced world, it is indeed important for us to be able to adapt to new forms and strategies in gaining knowledge and information through modern technology. Surfing the internet, social media are open at hand to gather more information for learning.

We are indeed lucky to have websites where we can explore, learn and experience to meet people from all walks of life.

Cabog-Cabog Elementary School welcomes YOU to view our site for transparency purposes and to be more aware of what transpires in this school. It is our goal to provide pupils with sufficient and appropriate knowledge that would sustain them to their goals in life.

To the TEACHERS, may the Lord imbue us with requisite love and skills to nurture and discipline future leaders. What we will make of them will determine what they will make of our nation.

To the PUPILS, continue acquiring  good values and positive attitudes that CCES teachers help you to achieve. Do your best. Enjoy a great learning experience. Make sure you don't get lost in finding your place under the sun.

To the PARENTS, do what you think is right... Invest in education- this is the sure way to success, do everything you can do to help your children fulfill their dreams.

To the STAKEHOLDERS, continue to support our school for achieving the mission and vision and for the realization of its goal.

To the ALUMNI, it is your time for you to look back at your Alma Mater, adopt our school in any way you can; it is of great help to us to carry out our plans on programs and projects.

Let us all be the instrument to shape the bright future of our youth and provide them necessary knowledge and skills that they would need to face the challenges of global competition. 

I welcome everyone to visit our website... 




Violeta V. Zeller



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