A Tribute to Walter Zorn and His Famous Web Scripts.

Due to Walter Zorn's passing, we feel it important to provide the world with a simple way to find and continue to use his scripts which have become so important to Web Designers and Recumbent Bicycle Enthusiasts around the world.

Walter Zorn passed away in 2009. http://www.kreuzotter.de/impressum.htm. Andreas Zorn a representative of the Zorn Family along with other family members and friends have revived the last incarnation of his sites for his scripts...
and http://www.walterzorn.de.

Unfortunately they offer no support for his work but they remind everyone that
Walter Zorn's scripts are licenced under the LGPL so feel free to use and even update them just remember to keep his original copyright information intact in the scripts.

We here at Balance Games would thank the Family and Friends of Walter Zorn for making sure that
Walters work is easily available to the world and helping to keep his legacy alive.