Custom Form Mod Updated to version 1.7

posted Mar 7, 2011, 9:48 AM by Garou Wolfs Haven

The Custom Form Mod has been updated to version 1.7. Wed like to give a special thanks to everyone that contributed to this version.

Change Log for version 1.7
Updated: Due to conflicts with mod_security, the url syntax "index.php?action=form;id=#" has been changed to, "index.php?action=form;n=#" Thanks to Galatea and Arantor for the fix.
Added: All posts created by a form are now attributed to a users post count. Unfortunately there is no way for a form not to be counted, however this one fix also fixes several other bugs. Thanks to ŦώεαЖзяŁ and FragaCampos.
Bugfix: Posts created by the form should now properly display under the "Show Posts" and "Board Notifications" sections of SMF.
Added: Selection and Radio boxes can now use the required option. When using the required option for a selection box, be sure to use "required" the first selection. Thanks to Tunga.
Added: an option to hide sections of the "Form Output". If a form field is not required and the user decides not to enter anything in the related field. Example: {My name is {name}}. The hidden sections will be replaced with a blank line. Thanks to  alfzer0
Added: two new custom templates. "left" displays the input boxes on the left. "center" displays the description text above the input boxes, centered on the screen.
Revised: the Custom Template "example" to include features from the last several updates, as well as highlighting the example text in red.
Revised: the default template, the * for required fields now display on the right hand side of the input boxes rather then below them.
Added: a standard thank you page that can be used as an optional "Submit Redirect" option.
Updated: Documentation
Removed: compatibility for SMF 2.0 versions prior to RC2

Custom Forms to do list.

posted Feb 17, 2011, 5:54 AM by Garou Balance Games

We are providing a to do list for the Custom Forms Mod. This will list the current known bugs, features planed to implement at some point, and features that have been asked for that Garou and or Nathanial have stated that they will not incorporate into the mod.

The list can be found at

We're Back!

posted Feb 16, 2011, 12:58 PM by Garou Balance Games

We have decided to bring back our SMF support site. The new site will provide support for any mods or themes our staff contribute to as authors. Currently there is the WoW Tooltips mod by Garou and the Custom Form mod where Garou is an additional author. We will also occasionally provide support, demos, tips and tricks for other themes and mods that are near and dear to our hearts as well as SMF itself.

Its going to take us a while to get things up and running so please be patient.

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